South West Acute Hospital SWAH Enniskillen

Client: FCC  Elitott 

Material and Quantities: 5000m2 of Donegal Blue Slate stone with raked back brushed sand and cement mortar joints.

Detail:  Part of a £276m project. The stone work was completed over 2 years with our team of 10 stone masons. Safety was our first priority on this busy site of over 1100 workers.

Date: 2010-2011

Neven Maguire's MacNean House Restoration

Client: Neven Maguire

Material and Quantities: Sandstone facade, sills and lintels. Weather Struck re-pointing with sand and cement. Red brick window surrounds.

Detail: We completely removed the plaster to expose the original sandstone building. We then cleaned and re-pointed the sandstone in a weather struck re-pointing style. Replaced all the red brick window surrounds

Date: 2011


Irish World Heritage Center in Manchester

Client: Irish World Heritage Center in Manchester.

Material and Quantities: 2000m2 of Donegal Gold Quartzite Stone with raked back sand and cement  recessed pointing.

Detail: Completed over 6 months. A prestigious project we are proud of. The center is a major hub for the Irish community in the northwest of England. Costing £5m with £2m contributed by the Irish government 

Date: 2012